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About Us

Garuda restaurant is a private limited company that was founded on 9 October 1976 at Jalan Pemuda No. 20 in Medan. This subsequently became the location of the first Garuda restaurant, as well as its head office. The restaurant was first known as “Rumah Makan dan Bufet Garuda”.

Garuda restaurant offers Minang and Malay-inspired food. It was first founded as a response to a survey that indicated the lack of Minang and Malay food restaurants in Medan. This led to the set up of the first Garuda restaurant in 1976. The company’s expansion continues until today, as evident in the establishment of the many franchised operations under the Garuda brand.



Hailing from Indonesia, the Minangkabau cuisine is well-liked by many locals and tourists. Its staple ingredients include rice, fish, beef, green leafy vegetables and chilli, along with turmeric, ginger and blue ginger among many other spices and herbs. Such a cuisine is commonly found in many Padang restaurants and eateries in Indonesia!

Customers are encouraged to eat with the fingers of their right hand, following the culture of the birthplace of the cuisine. Meals at home are usually prepared with steamed rice, a hot fried dish and meat that is cooked with coconut milk. In addition, Indonesians consume at least 2 to 3 servings of vegetables a day.